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Designer Darla Jarvis


      Darla Jarvis has16 years of experience as a design-build specialty. She has extensive knowledge of products and construction and property managment expertise. Allowing her to uniquely provide clients and industry partners with cost-effective, sustainable design. providing elevated spaces that exceids client's expectations. Darla is a hands-on New England designer. She works closely with contractors and other essential industry partners, problem-solving main complications that often arise on the job site. Darla is also highly respected for her project management style. She is a fast, efficient and creative problem solver which are valued traits that keep projects on time and one budget. 

Personal Note from Darla:

When I was young, my family relocated to Connecticut and when I first opened my eyes in my new home state, the first thing that hit me was the lush vegetation of the Connecticut roadways. I noticed the elegant draping vines that arched overhead, which creating breathtaking canopies. The ivy that draped over building walls, fences, and stunning old brick bridges. I instantly fell in love with Connecticut.

     My other home state of Colorado, the host of the beautiful, majestic, turquoise mountains.  Colorado has impacted me as well and the Mountains call me back from time to time. I can recall the cozy feeling that came from hearing the crackling of wood burning in the strong, stone fireplaces and from being surrounded by the natural beauty of the area.

     These are the images that influences my design. A blending of Colorado’s rustic elegance and Connecticut's simple, strong architecture. By using color, furniture placement, texture and lighting, I create rooms that are timeless, comfortable and functional.  


Personal Space Interior Design 

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