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Oak Street

This was another full home rehab. Outside to the inside, everything was updated. The kitchen was gutted and replaced with beautiful wood white cabinets, granite counters, and a grey subway tile. The tile was laid vertically to bring your eye up. Making one feel the height of the space, not the depth. To make more room in the kitchen we move the back door over into the dining nook.  The bathroom was gutted as well and replaced with a strong vanity. We tiled the tub surround with a white subway tile.  A small detailing of inlaid tile was placed into the tub tile. It gave the shower area a soft refined look. The bath was painted a navy blue making it feel fresh and current. All of the walls were repaired and painted. The floors were repaired and stained bring out their natural beauty.  The outside was cleaned up and cleared out.  Leaving this home feeling brand new!

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